Introduction of DAB+ in the Republic of North Macedonia

Introduction of DAB+ in the Republic of North Macedonia

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PE National Broadcasting has successfully introduced the DAB+ system that is capable to satisfy current and future needs of the PE National Broadcasting, as well as, enabling the introduction of new service that will emerge from the digitization process in the broadcasting.

Digital audio broadcasting (DAB) is a digital radio standard for broadcasting digital audio radio services, used in many countries around the world.

With the beginning of the construction of the DAB + network on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia, it is ensured:

  • quality digital radio signal and the possibility of using all of the additional services provided by this modern technology;
  • with the implementation of DAB + would mean meeting and monitoring the Conclusions of the Geneva Conference on the Introduction of Digital Radio. This would mean bringing the Republic of North Macedonia closer to the European standards in the field of radiocommunications;
  • release of serious number of analogue frequencies and the possibility for their application for other services;
  • by implementing the DAB + and disconnecting the analogue technique, the electricity consumer will significantly decrease (over 50% of the current electricity consumption);
  • by introducing this network, preconditions for commercial operation of the PE NB are created in accordance with the amendments to the Law on Amending the Law on Establishing PE National Broadcasting, as well as greater financial stability of the enterprise itself;
  • with the realization of the project digitalisation of PE MRT would enable quality transmissions from significant events and broadcasting a program with much better audio and visual effects.

The first phase of the project ended on June 27, 2019 with the commissioning of experimental work on the entire DAB + equipment that was purchased.