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The Department for Development and Investment comprises the following units:

  1. Unit- Central Laboratory
  2. Unit for Planning, Design and Propagation Measurements
  3. Unit for Information Systems and Technical Documentation


Annual plan of activities in the unit

The Head of the Unit for Planning, Design and Propagation Measurements prepares: Annual plan of activities for the following year (in free form) and submits it to the Head of the Development and Investment Sector, who then forward it to the Director for approval. The purified and approved plan is the basis for realization of the activities in the next year.


Activities of the department for planning, designing and propagation measurements:

  • Activities of propagation measurements;
  • Designing a new telecommunication connection;
  • Designing a new broadcasting facility;
  • Initiation of measurements.

Propaganda measurements can be initiated due to:

  • Realization and completion of a new RD facility;
  • In accordance with the annual measurement plan;
  • Minutes on the established irregularity by the AEC;
  • Request from the Broadcasting Council.

Main activities of department IT are:

  • Designing and realization of the information hardware and software infrastructure;
  • Maintenance of information hardware and software infrastructure;
  • Archiving data of relevance to the NB and creating back up data (Beck up);
  • Training and preparing guidelines for using resources;
  • Administering the web site;
  • Logistic IT support for IT infrastructure users;
  • Granting Privileges;
  • Other services in the work of the NB in the domain of IT.