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The Department for Joint Technology comprises the following units:

  1. Unit for Antenna Systems, Construction Works and Steel Structures
  2. Units for Energy


Antenna System: It represents an array of antennas, aerial accessories, cables, cable holders, splitters and other materials that represent an inseparable whole. According to the direction of the signal movement, we distinguish а receiving and transmitting antenna system. According to the frequency range we distinguish antenna systems for different frequency bands which are used in PE NB. The antenna systems are composed of antennas that differ in physical appearance that defines their name, power, endurance of external influences, and so on.

Aggregate: It represents a device that serves for electricity generation and is an assembly consisting of an electric generator, a motor, a fuel tank, power cables, power boards and other supporting elements which represent an integral whole for the nominal operation of the aggregate.

Broadcasting facility: It is a facility managed by the PE NB. The facility can be of a type of wall facility, container construction, combined performance. Within the facility, it is compulsory to include the access road, the antenna pillar, the long-distance stands or any other infrastructure that can be subject of construction works.

Antenna pillar: It represents any steel structure in the form of a platform, a self-standing pillar (like a bar or tube), a pillar strengthened by cables and all other elements that represent an integral whole for the nominal operation of the antenna pillar.

Power plant: It represents a complete system of power equipment and other electrical equipment, which is connected to carry out technological function.

Medium voltage plant: It is a complete system of electric power equipment that is classified with a working voltage of 1 kV to 35 kV (transmission line, transformer station, VH fuses, surge arresters, splitters, pillars, switchboards, etc.).

Low voltage plant: It represents a complete system of electrical equipment that is classified into a working voltage not exceeding 1 kV (transmission line, fuses, surge arresters, splitters, pillars, switchboards, house installation, etc.).

Planning of antenna systems

In PE NATIONAL BROADCASTING – SKOPJE, according to the needs, the existing network of antenna systems are changed. The planning is carried out with the assistance of professional internal and external professionals, with whom the PE NATIONAL BROADCASTING – SKOPJE has concluded a contract on business cooperation.

A database of facilities is used as a base for reacting, maintaining and developing antenna systems and other infrastructure. It is an electronic form of records and, depending on the needs, it is updated by a responsible antenna systems engineer and a responsible technician for construction work.

Maintenance of antenna systems

The maintenance of the antenna systems shall be performed when a need arises on the basis of a defect report or according to the measurements in preventive maintenance. The information about the defective antenna system is received upon a report by service teams from the department or from other departments, based on performed measurements during regular controls and preventive maintenance or upon report (complaints) from citizens due to a bad reception signal.


Citizens’ requests (referring to defects, bad signals, etc.) are received through the Agency for Electronic Communications of the Republic of North Macedonia or directly sent to PE NATIONAL BROADCASTING – SKOPJE.

The monitoring, that is control of the condition of the facilities of PE NATIONAL BROADCASTING – SKOPJE, is performed by the teams that participate in the maintenance of the network. After establishing a problem with the facilities, they forward the information to the head of the appropriate department and the construction technician. After the report, the Construction Technician is obliged to make an on-site inspection of the facility and on basis of the inspection to form a specification of the necessary operations, materials, manual work and other specificities necessary for remediation of the facility. The construction technician is obliged to do the same in preventive visits to the facilities.

The construction technician draws up a semi-annual report on the situation with the construction facilities (free form), providing a brief description of the work done in the previous period, as well as a proposal for activities for the following period, and submits it to the head of the Department for Joint Equipment Technology through the unit head. The minor interventions (carpentry, painting, electrical, etc.) related to the construction facilities are made by the technicians of the department (following the same procedure as for antenna systems).


Energy Units

The main activity of the Energy Unit is the planning, development and maintenance of energy facilities.

PE NATIONAL BROADCASTING – SKOPJE has energy facilities of the type (transformer stations, aggregates, electrical installations and a small part of low voltage transmission lines).

The maintaining of the energy facilities is a complex activity and all major interventions associated with them are carried out by the externally selected professional organizations.

Small-scale interventions related to electrical installations are carried out by electrical technicians from the unit following the same procedure as in the antenna systems and construction works according to a work order.

Designing of new power supplies is performed by external subcontractors and for their organization and quality implementation, the head of the appropriate unit of the department is in charge in cooperation with the head of the Joint Technology Department.