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The Department for Legal, Personnel and General Affairs comprises the following units:

  1. Unit for Legal and Labour Relations
  2. Unit for General Affairs

The task of the Unit for Legal Affairs is to:

  • Provide legal support in the realization of the rights and obligations of the PE;
  • Organize and monitors the procedures for resolving disputes (judicial, administrative, etc.) and conducts legal analyzes on behalf of the PE, giving reports on these procedures every two months;
  • Represent the PE before the competent courts, state bodies and all other institutions, in accordance with the directions of the director;
  • Prepare documents for initiation of proceedings before judicial and administrative bodies, for protection of the interests of the PE;
  • Follow the primary and secondary legislation, and submits notification to the competent departments for the adopted changes;
  • Provide opinions and suggestions regarding the amendment and adoption of legislation related to the operation of the PE;
  • Provide an opinion to the state administration bodies and other organizations and institutions on certain issues related to the operation of the PE;
  • Organize the work of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board regarding the compliance with the established rights and obligations from a legal aspect, in accordance with the adopted acts;
  • Control and organize the preparation of the acts adopted by the Director, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board;
  • Keep a separate written record of the work of the management and supervisory board, and a separate record of the adopted acts;
  • Monitor the responsibilities of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, AEC, etc. in the part of the obligations towards the PE;
  • Provide comments and recommendations to the Public Procurement Unit regarding the prepared regulations providing an explanation for the application of the laws, by-laws, etc., that is, provide an opinion on the rights, duties and obligations of the PE in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement;
  • Provide an opinion on the procedures for procurement of goods, services and works for the needs of the PE in terms of their compliance with the legislation,
  • Prepare public procurement contracts, lease contracts, work contracts, business and technical cooperation contracts and all other contracts governing the rights and obligations of the PE;
  • Prepare documents for appointment of employees in the part of the realization of the concluded contracts;
  • Provide interpretation of disputable provisions in the concluded contracts;
  • Initiate procedures for regulating property and legal relations in the area of ownership, possession, use, etc. of goods by the PE;
  • Keep a special register of the entire documentation in the field of property and legal matters;
  • Conduct, control the procedure for employment in accordance with the Law on Labour Relations and the other positive legislation.

The task of the Unit for General Affairs is to:

  • Regulate the manner of operation in the Unit for General Affairs;
  • Conduct the procedure for planning, organizing and realizing public procurement activities in order to ensure efficient, transparent, impartial, equal relation towards all parties, as well as communication to all economic operators, with timely and proper delivery of goods, services and works;
  • Maintain procedures and records for the application of measures for safety and health at work;
  • Maintain procedures and records for the application of health protection measures;
  • Keep records of fire protection;
  • Determine the manner of recording, controlling, analyzing and using the official means of transport;
  • Conduct the procedure that regulates the manner of operation and the rules of handling documentary material and archive material in the office and archive work;
  • Maintain hygiene in official premises.