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The Department for Economic Affairs comprises the following units:

  1. Unit for Finance and Accounting
  2. Unit for Commercial Affairs


The main activities of the Department for Economic Affairs include:

  1. Compliance and application of the legal acts and bylaws in the field of accounting and financial operations and public procurements;
  2. Planning and monitoring the realization of the planning positions;
  3. Management, monitoring and controlling of the funds and circulation of funds and sources of funds of PE NATIONAL BROADCASTING – SKOPJE, determined by the Annual Programme for Operation and Development;
  4. Record keeping, collection of claims and payment of liabilities;
  5. Implementation of public procurements;
  6. Internal information within the enterprise and externally to the competent institutions.


Operation planning

The basis for the planning of the operation of PE NATIONAL BROADCASTING – SKOPJE are the operation plans for the current year.

Basic planning document defining the funds necessary for the realization of the operation plans and necessary human resources that will fulfill the obligations is the Annual Programme for Operation and Development of PE National Broadcasting. The preparation of the Annual Programme for Operation and Development is based on a multistage proposition, harmonization and determination of the needs of the departments in the NB, with a final version at the level of NB. NB also prepares other planning documents in accordance with the regulations in this area.