New monitoring equipment

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New monitoring equipment

The public enterprise Macedonian Broadcasting broadcasts the signals of the three national television stations MTV 1, MTV 2 and MTV Assembly, as well as the three radio programmes Macedonian Radio First Programme, Macedonian Radio Second Programme and Macedonian Radio Third Programme.

Every defect in the network of PE MRD is monitored and immediately corrected.

For prompt and timely correction of any error that may occur during the transmission of these signals, appropriate monitoring equipment is needed.

With the transition of analogue into a digital signal in 2013, many of the devices that were previously used are now out of use. For these reasons, the PE MRD needed new monitoring equipment to monitor the signal from its creation to its arrival to the end user. In the new equipment the signals are monitored before their distribution, as well as after their distribution. New servers that contain the whole network management have also been purchased. Every change is monitored 24/7.