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PhD Festim Halili was appointed Director of PE National Broadcasting on November 9, 2020.
He was engaged for 12 years in the public and private sector in the field of information technology and electronic communications.

  •  From 2008-2010 he was a consultant and implementer of telecommunications protocols at the German telecommunications company Inacon GmBH based in Karlsruhe, Germany, where he worked on major projects such as the wireshark help protocol and the Encyclopedia of Electronic Communications. He also collaborated with the American company Scopic Software as a QT programmer.
  • In 2009 he started working at the Center for Information Technologies at the University of Tetovo, where he managed the university campus network, the database for various processes, as well as hardware maintenance. In parallel, he was an assistant in several courses in the Department of Informatics.
  • In 2014, he was appointed Head of the Cabinet for Project Development and Management at the Rectorate of the University, where he received for the first time the European project from the European funds IPA-CBC in partnership with the University of Pristina. He has also managed Google projects, the IEEE Scientific Conference on Electronic Communications, the HCFC, the US-North Macedonia Health Project, and many other projects.
  • In April 2016, he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, where he managed the Commission for Political System. During this period he helped establish the Mother Teresa University in Skopje, the expansion of the University of Tetovo with two new faculties, the Pedagogical and Agricultural Faculty, as well as 130 new jobs in the academic staff and administrators of Tetovo universities. However, he had an impact on increasing equitable representation in the police, health care, post office and many other institutions. He was determined in the fight against environmental pollution in Tetovo and beyond, with an initiative to close Yugo-Chrome, due to the lack of filters.
    He also worked on capital projects by increasing the budget of: Tetovo and Skopje theaters, Skenderbeg Square, the Museum of the Alphabet, the Raven-Recica irrigation system and others.
  • In October 2019, he was appointed director of the Public Enterprise for Railway Infrastructure – Railways of the Republic of North Macedonia, where he realized various projects in infrastructure and expansion of digital capacities.
  • In November 2020, he resigned from the Railways to manage other companies, such as the National Broadcasting, in order to realize the Digital European Agenda in North Macedonia, prepared by the European Commission and the European Parliament.



PhD Festim Halili is an Associate Professor and teaches at the Technical University of Vienna, subjects in the second cycle of studies Master of Service Oriented Computing and Artificial Intelligence and Prolog. However, he is also a professor at the University of Tetovo at the Department of Informatics.
He has taught as a visiting professor at the University of Craiovo in Romania, at the University of Pecs Szeged and Pannonia in Hungary, the University of Business and Technology in Lithuania, UBT in Kosovo, the University of Sarajevo, the Balkan University, the University of Southeast Europe.

He is also the recipient of the prestigious British Scholarship Trust scholarship, where he spent his doctoral research at Royal Holloway University in London. In addition, he also acquired the German scholarship DAAD and had a study stay at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), with internships at BMW, Siemens and the like and achieved maximum ratings.

Regular scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Science, from high school to master studies, having a consistency of success.

In 2015, he attended the University of Northern Illinois (NIU) in the United States.


Member of Associations:

  • Member of the commission for assigning scholarships within the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Member of the board at the DIGITAL FORUM of Ministry of Informatics Society and Administration
  • National Contact Point for Research & Innovation in EU for Inclusive, Innovative and reflective   societies (Jan 2016)
  • Member of the commission for nostrification of diplomas in the field of Applied Sciences.
  • President of the Political system commission at the Government of Republic of Macedonia (2016-2017)
  • Editor at the proc. Book, IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence,   Communication Systems and Networks, CICSyN2014
  • Member of the American Corner Tetovo
  • Vice-President of the Macedonian Academic & Research Network (till 2016)
  • Member of the Board of Accreditation and Evaluation of Macedonia (till 2016)
  • IT Expert at the Bureau for Public Procurement R. Macedonia
  • Member of SN7 Center


Scientific Projects:

    • CEEPUS – Modelling, Simulation and Computer-aided Design in Engineering and Management
    • CEEPUS – Research, Development and Education in Nonconventional processes
    • CEEPUS – Building Knowledge and Experience Exchange in CFD
    • EcoManAqua – Ecology and Management of aquatic ecosystems in Central, East and South East Europe.
    • Center for Social Cohesion in Tetovo
    • Online Encyclopedia for Telecommunication – INACON GmbH 2009
    • Protocol Help for Wireshark Protocol – INACON GmbH 2010
    • IPA-CBC Transboundary cooperation for ecosystem in Sharr Mountain
    • LYRA Wallet – online payment electronic system for university activities – Allbatron Slovenia 2014
    • Macedonia Cap Project – Green Club 2015
    • Establishing a database for question regarding the external exams in high schools in Albanian and Turkish Language – Ministry of Education and Science 2014.


Teaching Courses 

  • Software Engineering
  • Service Oriented Computing
  • Security of Databases
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Multimedia and Web Design
  • Database Systems
  • Data Structures
  • E-Business
  • Statistics with medical informatics


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