Two-day regional conference-seminar of EBU “Digital Transformation” in Tbilisi

Two-day regional conference-seminar of EBU “Digital Transformation” in Tbilisi

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On 13-14 February 2019 was held the two-day regional conference of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) “Digital Transformation”, hosted by the First Channel (GPB) in Tbilisi. Representatives of the public broadcaster of ten countries participated in the event, including Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, and North Macedonia.

The main goal of the conference was to share experience in the field of digital technologies among regional public broadcasters.

M-r. Admirim Aliti, the Director of the Macedonia Public Broadcasting made comment on the significance of the event and discussed issues. As he noted, Georgian Public Broadcaster has organized this meeting to create a good opportunity for sharing knowledge and experience.

“This is a wonderful event because the European Broadcasting Union and Georgian Public Broadcaster gave the opportunity to the public broadcasters of various countries to get together. I think it’s important to share the experience and the best practice. Due to fast technological changes, all of us face challenges. We talked about how we can assist each other in order to keep pace with the changes” – said Admirim Aliti.

Ezra Eeman, Head of digital transformation of the European Broadcasting Union, said that the conference in Tbilisi was of the utmost importance as discussions focused on common challenges.

The conference focused on sharing the information about challenges facing the digital media and enhancement of cooperation with purpose of introduction of the best practice in media.